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Greencare Rwanda ltd conducts research and develop the business models for waste management by supporting the public sector to convert the landfill into recycling plants to promote circular economy and environmental protection.
Our products
At Greencare Rwanda Ltd, we offer a range of competitive products that provide solutions to the agricultural sector, environmental protection, and construction projects. Our products are designed to promote a greener future while meeting the highest quality standards.
Fine textured, packaged compost with known chemical composition used to improve soil fertility and productivity.
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Recyclables materials
Recyclables materials
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We provide a consultant in waste management by developing the best model for waste management and composting system for good quality, project assistant in solid waste management, advise in agriculture, recyclable materials treatments.
About us
about us
Our Mission
Greencare Rwanda ltd is to revolutionize  waste management by providing integrated solutions  that promote  production and distribution of organic fertilizers (Grekompost), plastics pavers for construction projects, and the sales of recyclables materials to other recycling factories for a greener future.
Our Vision
To be one of the top companies in waste management services and market leader in the production and sales of branded  organic fertilizers,  plastics pavers and recyclables materials to promote circular economy.

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Who We are
who we are
Greencare Rwanda Ltd is a waste solutions company converting landfill into a recycling Plant  through  innovative technology to transform the waste into resources with  competitive products provide solutions to the agricultural sector, environment protection, circular economy, and create green jobs for young men and women.
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